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Mitchell Partners has decades of experience. We provide investigation services for Employers and Businesses, Insurers, Lawyers & Intellectual Property Practitioners.

Mitchell Partners

Mitchell Partners Investigation Services is a full service Private Investigation and Consulting firm located in Toronto, Canada.



The quality Of Our services Set Us Apart

From background research to Social Media monitoring to Surveillance, Mitchell Partners has you covered with the results you can count on!


Employers and Business

A wide range of customized Investigative and Consulting services for the corporate community.


Claims Investigations and Surveillance Specialists. We collect the information insurance professionals need to make informed decisions in the handling of their cases.



Litigation Support, Intellectual Property investigations, and a host of other professional investigative services are at your disposal.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Over 25 Years of Experience investigating Trade-mark and Copyright infringements. From simple date-of-first-use inquiries to assistance with Anton Pillar orders.

Why Choose Mitchell Partners?

Besides the thoroughness of our investigations and the quality of our reports,here are some additional reasons to choose us:


Some investigations companies fall into the trap of just putting in the hours to maximize each investigator’s billing and not paying attention to when surveillance is appropriate, and then they’re more interested in writing an invoice than writing a good report

Mitchell Partners understands that each investigation requires thought and planning, and that situations can change. If surveillance is initiated and a subject has a power boat in his driveway, then weekend surveillance may be in order even though it may have not been requested. If surveillance isn’t yielding any results, then maybe another approach is indicated.

Why Choose Us

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Mitchell Partners has been providing superior Investigation Services in all major centers across Ontario as well as Canada for over 3 decades.

Mitchell Partners