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Intellectual Property and Trademark Investigation Services

Our Intellectual Property and Trademark investigators are specially trained to identify the subtle differences between authentic trademarks, service marks, mascot images, trade names and logos of major National and International Licensors.  Licenced products include apparel, fashion accessories, jewellery, sporting goods, trading cards, toys and licenced paraphernalia. These types of investigations are often times group efforts and involve close interaction between our investigators, public law enforcement authorities, brand owners and designated legal counsels.  

From investigating the simple use of a trademark to Canada-wide investigations of counterfeit goods, Mitchell Partners has the experience and knowledge to assist you and your clients with timely, accurate information.  We conduct background investigations to determine how a trade-mark is used, the date of first use, size of the organisation under investigation, distribution channels, etc. We have become expert at evidence gathering to be used in application for Anton Pillar orders and in drafting Cease and Desist letters.  We conduct Copyright Investigations to collect samples and identify manufacturers and distributors of infringing materials.  Also, Domain Name Investigations are used to identify and locate registrants and determine the scope and nature of their business activities. We also conduct On-Site Investigations to discreetly document how a store or business uses a trade-mark and how they promote and advertise goods being sold or services offered.

Intellectual Property

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Mitchell Partners has been providing superior Investigation Services in all major centers across Ontario as well as Canada for over 3 decades.

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