Investigation Services For Lawyers & Legal

The Legal Community is an integral component to the prosperity of our company.  Much of our business, be it investigating trademark violations, or conducting surveillance to determine the validity of an insurance claim, is assigned to us through various independent law firms or in-house Corporate Law Departments.  We work very closely with legal counsel to ensure that we stay within the parameters set forth by the “end user” client.

Our civil action support specialists conduct a variety of searches and enquiries on your behalf.  Our sources include numerous publicly accessible government and privately compiled data bases, including Telephone Number Databases, Land Title Office records, Liens, Financial Records, Commercial Credit Files, all available on-line, and available almost instantaneously. With numerous affiliated companies across Canada and around the world, almost any legally obtainable information is available to us. Lawsuits are won and lost on the information presented as evidence. The better the information, the better the outcome.  Let Mitchell Partners Investigation Services handle your information and evidentiary support needs.  You can concentrate on representing your client’s interests, we will provide fast, accurate, court defensible document evidence, supported by professionally conducted investigations.


Mitchell Partners Investigation Services can provide a host of litigation support services including:

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Mitchell Partners has been providing superior Investigation Services in all major centers across Ontario as well as Canada for over 3 decades.

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